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Name: Brandie Rose DeVore
"Fighting For Our Rights" - The LGBTQ Community@lgbtqrightsfighter

Business Information
Created on February 19, 2015  

​Human Rights Activist
Fighting For Our Rights
February 2015 – Present (2 years)
Des Moines, Iowa Area
I'm a freelance LGBTQ and Human Rights Activist,
I believe in equality rights for everyone.
I also am a researcher in LGBTQ rights, and it's Laws.
I've been independently studying LGBTQ law for six years and have a very good knowledge of procedures.
I also do Pro Bono research and support for those that need it at their request.

Brandie R. DeVore 
Paralegal/Legal Assistant 
LGBTQ Law Legal assistant 
3800 Martin Luther King Jr Parkway  
Des Moines Iowa 50310-5872
United States

Profession: Associate